Proust as speculator – Marginal REVOLUTION

[D]oes an artist actually have to live his life according to his fiction in order to write well? Proust himself apparently thought so: if he did not give away and recklessly spend his huge fortune (Johnny Depp style) in real life, Proust specifically said he would not have had the creativity to write his magnum opus in fiction, “In Search of Lost Time”, which was inspired by real life. The book has some interesting twists and turns, and is very wordy (like Proust’s works) but without getting into spoilers, Proust lost two-thirds of his huge fortune during WWI, apparently not due to the war itself, but in spending it on friends and unwisely investing it. A banker who attempt to revive Proust’s fortune, and battled Proust (akin to J. Depp’s financial advisers in the present), ended up performing a miracle (I won’t tell you what, that’s the spoiler, but it’s surprising, especially what happened to Proust after the miracle).

Source: Proust as speculator – Marginal REVOLUTION