My new toy

I bought Amazon Echo.

Alexa – she is cute even in her imperfections.

My partner asked Alexa something about “agile” and Alexa started answering: “The vagina in mammals… ”


In all seriousness Amazon is great: anyone can write a new “skill” for Alexa: it takes less than an hour to familiarize yourself with the technique and after that – sky is the limit. Everything is there for you: “барин, пахать подано“.

I wrote a simple decision tree application (all processing logic is supplied by Amazon) in about two hours and was able to test it on my device, on an emulator, and manually, typing commands etc.

Alexa can do python and node.js and perhaps something else – I haven’t explored everything yet.

I love the concept.


Neither Michael, nor myself or my partner was able to get any information about “tin” (ten is nine plus one)  even though Alexa knows that “The element with atomic weight 50” is actually tin.


Alexa has access to my music collection and everything under the Amazon prime umbrella.

“Alexa, play some Glenn Gould”

“Shuffling songs by Glenn Gould” – and here we go…


Am I going to sit down and write some cool skills for Alexa next week? I don’t know. Yes, no, maybe.