Professional narcissism

The Guardian

Britain’s largest university has set out plans to axe 171 jobs, mostly academic positions in the faculties of arts, languages, biology, medicine and business.

The University of Manchester blamed new government legislation and the prospect of Brexit as major factors threatening its future income and said it needed to “invest in our strategic priorities”.


The University of Manchester has been accused of planning a “clearout” of experienced academics in order to replace them with cheaper, junior teaching staff, after it announced plans to cut 171 jobs.

Considering demographics it definitely makes some sense and these days wouldn’t cause any outcry if it were any other industry.  But “experiences academics” are oh so special.

Some professions refuse to consider and present themselves as services providers. Instead, they see themselves as do gooders and humanitarians.  True for higher education, healthcare, to a certain extent – government employees, especially working in social services, and, to a lesser extent – journalists.

Professional narcissism is similar to moral narcissism. As a narcissist – you are what you think or say you are, and you are what you think your intentions are.

You can’t just fire a humanitarian, can you?