How to Save Twitter Two Pennies at a Time – Bloomberg View

Charge for Twitter’s true value: the opportunity to tweet.Give everyone a small ration of free tweets, say five a week. After that, charge a few cents each. The motto could be, “Give the world your two cents’ worth.” To kick things off, the company could give everyone a dollar or two in credit.

Source: How to Save Twitter Two Pennies at a Time – Bloomberg View

Clever. Most of the original content in social networks is garbage quality.  Yet, people flock there for the opportunity to see each other’s garbage.  Charging a micropayment for an opportunity to post your selfie, a Friday’s cat, or your opinion on Trump, Obama or world affairs, or to comment under a reputable and readable post  – what a splendid idea! Social networks could encourage high quality and/or popular content by sharing their revenues on a pro-rata basis.