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Source: this isn’t happiness™ (@Skolanach), Peteski

Poor guy is a victim of his own arrogance and reasonably harsh federal laws against disruptive behaviour on a plane.

If you want to put 300 primates sharing 98% of their genes with chimps into an equivalent of a sardine tin – you better make sure that you can quell any disruption if needed.

And it’s a tragic and dangerous sign of our times that no one seemed to be able to negotiate like civilized people: United wasn’t offering any reasonable monetary compensation to encourage willing passengers to stay, and the passengers did not ask to be reasonably compensated either.

When you can’t negotiate in monetary terms because these matters are shameful and beyond decency the only alternative is war.

2 thoughts on “this isn’t happiness™ (@Skolanach), Peteski

  1. No worries, we can always blame a machine…. RMS of United Airlines! is it Mercator?
    It was just a models slightly tuned by Revenue Management “Analyst”, oops!
    They _ALL_ smoke heavily in this @business@, it should you remind somethings

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