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It may be that the social importance of paid sick leave outweighs the petty bookkeeping concerns of the city’s small businesses—but imagine how galling it must be to hear elected officials take credit for something that, after all, they are strong-arming other people to do. When progressives expand the regulatory framework in which businesses operate, they claim credit for taking bold steps to fix social ills—but they also create consequences that they will never have to deal with themselves.  

In his battle to out-progressive his former employee Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo hiked the minimum wage to $15 per hour—and cast the move in reverential terms as the “Mario Cuomo Campaign for Economic Justice” (named after his late father, the former governor). The state-government website describes the rise in the pay floor as “one of the single-most progressive actions to help working families.” Cuomo insists that “New York is showing the way forward on economic justice” by instituting a policy virtually guaranteed to eliminate 200,000 jobs statewide, and which will deform the upstate labor market by setting a $12 minimum wage—almost equal to the area median wage.

Source: China Fun, Done | City Journal