Incompetence Is the Norm – WSJ

Mrs. Merkel’s list of ill-considered policy spasms include:

• After the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, she precipitously ordered the closure of Germany’s 17 nuclear plants. Never mind that not a single death, among the 18,000 in the Japanese earthquake and its aftermath, was caused by radiation exposure—though 1,600 deaths are estimated to have resulted indirectly from the unnecessary evacuation of 300,000 Fukushima prefecture residents.

• With her Energiewende, she ordained Germany’s forced march toward renewable power, which recently collided with stable high-pressure systems that left Germany cloudy and windless for three weeks. Now Germans learn, at catastrophic expense, they must maintain duplicate power systems, one running on coal. Germany’s CO 2 emissions are higher than when Mrs. Merkel started.

• She threw open the European Union’s gates to Middle Eastern and African migrants, a decision now seen as a direct spur to Brexit, the rise of anti-EU parties across the Continent, even the election of the anti-NATO, anti-EU administration of Donald Trump in the U.S.

• She adopted “extend and pretend” tactics for Europe’s debt crisis, buying time for Germany’s banks but leaving indebted countries struggling with stagnation and threatening to bring down Europe’s common market and currency system.

Mrs. Merkel’s spinning and trimming, let’s be fair, has also been extraordinarily successful at keeping her in power, the first job of any elected politician.

Source: Incompetence Is the Norm – WSJ