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Do these material facts constitute the fundamental reality of being? For Peterson, the answer is a very loud NO. This does not imply that he denies the validity of science, but he would stress that because science is fundamentally a human enterprise, it will always be couched within a more fundamental “moral” framework. Whether we like it or not, we are stuck in a basically embodied, goal-oriented existence, and as such absolutely everything we do is bounded by an orientation towards meaning and value, not material facts.

Source: Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson: Heroes for Moral Realism? | Quillette

A brilliant commentary by Kendall Burks on a very dull commentary by John Klasios on What is true? by Sam Harris and Jordan B Peterson.

KB continues:


Jordan Peterson’s solution, to use a favorite phrase of his, is to say that matter is not what is most real, what’s most real is what matters. In other words, meaning is the fundamental reality. Not material things. Another way he likes to put it is that the world is best construed as fundamentally a forum for action as opposed to as a place of things. This shift places moral, and therefore human reality, as the fundamental arbiter of being, and therefore of truth. Again, he is very clearly not anti-science. What he’s against is placing science at the bottom of how we understand the world, and therefore of what being is.

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  1. I have finally finished (after the 5th attempt) this audio “What is the Truth?”. It was quite difficult then. Probably, SH should stop produce a mindset-case after case, calm down, accept a non-regressive Darwinian-based razor (sic Occam) of JBP as a simple tool and think deeply where is the conceptual difference in assumptions between him and his opponent, shouldn’t he? It’s quite easy for every SH’s generated case. It is good that he has recorded this, anyway. SH might even pick-up some volumes of Plato and point out on the overall global super-macro Platonian Truth at the worlds of εἶδος, well indivisible (sic Gorilla) and unaccusable by a human mind due to hardware limitation, but from which the rest of the particular truth comes down into our even macro and micro worlds where JBP operates with his razor. JBP might object, but SH can point out on the sky and push on the topic of its existence instead of producing trivial case… Again, yhe it is too abstract and not in your human macro world, but higher, higher bla bla bla… That’s why JC doesn’t answer Pilate.

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