Illiberalism Not the Only Threat to Democracy – WSJ

Commentators who wring their hands about the rise of illiberalism on the right would have more credibility if they had been equally vigilant about abuses by the illiberal left for the past eight years. In the U.S. the word “liberal” used to mean the same thing it still does mean in the rest of the world: a commitment to liberty via a necessarily limited government that respects the freedom of individuals and voluntary associations to make their own decisions about important aspects of their lives. President Obama, with his pen and his phone (and his unelected bureaucrats with their record-setting rule-making), has seriously undermined liberty in virtually every area of Americans’ lives over the past eight years. His record is profoundly illiberal and has set the precedent for his successor and other regimes around the world to follow—on both the right and the left.

Source: Illiberalism Not the Only Threat to Democracy – WSJ

Emphasis is mine.