2016 Lecture 01 Maps of Meaning: Introduction and Overview – YouTube

On chimps: There is no upper limit on chimpanzee’s brutality. Jane Goodall discovered that first and she didn’t tell anybody about that. And she had reasons. Some of them you might think were ideological: oh, lovely chimps, fair enough…

On Book of Genesis:  … Once your eyes are open and you know you are naked and vulnerable, you can exploit that in other people. And only human beings have that kind of knowledge. The fact that we know we can be hurt – makes us particularly dangerous because if I know how I can be hurt, I sure know how you can be hurt.

On atheism and Dostoyevskiy: There are 300 years of philosophical force behind it and Ivan is the mouthpiece of it. And it’s like Ilyusha and Russia itself are just blown apart by that. They have no defense against that. The bloody Western Europeans had 300 years to get used to it. The Russians had ten years. It just fragmented them. They were waiting for the new Messiah and they sure got one.


Can’t stop watching. Highly recommended.