I Played Pokemon Go. Here’s What It Is and Isn’t. – Bloomberg View


Criticism helps debug new inventions. By the time I signed on, for example, the game had changed the overly broad Google account access that spooked privacy advocates. But the truth is that Pokemon Go isn’t especially hazardous. It’s just popular.

When millions of people do something, almost anything can happen. Former marines can capture a fugitive. A jealous girlfriend can catch her boyfriend visiting his ex. Players can save an injured puppy. And it’s easy to blame the game for things that might have happened anyway. Two months ago I fell and smashed my face into a sidewalk without benefit of a smart phone distraction.The biggest danger is that the frenzy is merely a fad that casual players will soon tire of. With no research excuse, I can’t afford to spend hours a day tracking animated creatures. But now that it’s a Pokestop I really must check out Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

Source: I Played Pokemon Go. Here’s What It Is and Isn’t. – Bloomberg View

Virginia Postrel on Pokemon Go. Unlike Noscibilis she actually played it!