Why Turkey’s Coup d’État Failed | Foreign Policy

Edward Luttwak wrote a coup-plotting manual. His view in FP:

Rule No. 2 in planning a successful military coup is that any mobile forces that are not part of the plot — and that certainly includes any fighter jet squadrons — must be immobilized or too remote to intervene. (Which is why Saudi army units, for example, are based far from the capital.) But the Turkish coup plotters failed to ensure these loyal tanks, helicopters, and jets were rendered inert, so instead of being reinforced as events unfolded, the putschists were increasingly opposed.

Source: Why Turkey’s Coup d’État Failed | Foreign Policy

Also, do follow Timur Kuran who is Twittering from Istanbul.

2 thoughts on “Why Turkey’s Coup d’État Failed | Foreign Policy

  1. rule of thumb – something that starts after US market hours on Friday evening is doomed to fail.
    it looks really dumb, why would they even started this whole thing?

    1. “A gift from God” can’t be dumb. Kuran:
      “Just what certain conspiracy theorists needed. Whatever the truth, RTE now has a pretext to complete own coup.”

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